Construction Engineering
BETEREM Ingénierie carries out building projects in the whole France and at the international level.

It also operates in other fields of activities with TPF Group.


Group quality policy :

The quality policy of the company which was implemented in 1995, and which led to ISO 9001 certification in 1998, was refocused in 2006 on ISO 10006 certification relative to quality management for projects, in order apply our quality policy in the best possible way to our main activity which is the design and development of building projects.


objectives :

Our quality policy focuses on 4 objectives :
The client/contracting authority: improving client satisfaction and promoting the company’s high level of performance.
From the economical point of view: improving company profitability and productivity in order to be well-positioned on the market. Internally: improving internal staff satisfaction.
Generally: Satisfying the general interests of the community by contributing towards the improvement of environment and lifestyle.


quality system :

In accordance with ISO 10006, 2003 version :
"Guidelines for quality management projects"

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