Construction Engineering
BETEREM Ingénierie carries out building projects in the whole France and at the international level.

It also operates in other fields of activities with TPF Group.


Independence :

BETEREM’s main role is to act as an interface between Contractors and the building operators. This choice implies a perfect independence regarding constructors; and a perfect neutrality in the choice of firm. In this way, BETEREM intends to stay true to the specific ethics of the service: to be at the same time close to its clients and constantly concerned with defending their interests by providing them with the best technical solutions.


Strong Human potential :

Strong intellectual potential :
The BUILDING & TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT operational services of the company include: 80% engineers from engineering schools (ESTP, INSA, ECL, ESIM, A&M…) and 20 % technicians and draftsmen with, for the majority, a civil engineering HND.

Experienced teams :
Most of our engineers and draftsmen have years of know how in design and project management. Several of them also have experience in public administration. The combination of this accumulation of knowledge allows a better understanding of sometimes quite complicated project management problems.

Good knowledge of skills networks :
The varied backgrounds of our executives allow them to be in close contact with their competent networks. They also have a good knowledge of financial matters and the daily problems facing local authorities. Furthermore, BETEREM is used to making up teams which include architects, city planners, specialists in geotechnical, environmental and socioeconomics in order to provide a global comprehensive approach for projects.


Strong Technical potential :

BETEREM is equipped with up to date technical production and communication means :
Efficient CAD CADD tools with colour tracers
Workstation for engineers, technicians and assistants
Powerful and up to date automation software: Office software suite, CAD-CADD (AutoCAD), calculation software (Structural, thermal, electrical, acoustic), organization software (Microsoft project)
Specialized software for written documents (CCTP, DPGF) and for project estimates.
An internal network linking each office on each site, to enable instant data transfer.
This connection provides flexibility in organizing design and machine drawing work. Files can be exchanged immediately between the agencies and headquarters, which gives rapid internal control and the possibility of mobilizing all our production means for one job
External network (extranet) to exchange files with all the partners in the operation (architects, design offices, contractors, etc.) in order to improve our response in terms of consistency and deadline)


Close to our Clients :

In order to as close as possible to its clients, whenever possible, BETEREM has set up local offices (see “contact” page on the website ….). This proximity gives the Company structure the necessary promptness of response to meet its clients’ requests in the best possible conditions.

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