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BETEREM won its first PPP contract !

In order to host the UEFA European Football Championship in 2016, the municipality of Marseille recently announced that the project of renovation of the Velodrome stadium and the surrounding area has been chosen.

This large scale project has two programs : Firstly, the renovation, the cover, the compliance with the international standards and the expand of the Velodrome ; secondly, the construction of a rugby stadium and the development of a 100 000 m² property complex including a shopping centre, hotels, residences providing services, living and office spaces.

Thanks to this new development, the stadium will meet the five-star standards required to host the UEFA Euro 2016 and its capacity will be increased to 67.000 seats. The works will be coordinated so as to maintain the stadium in operation.

Moreover, with a view to integrating environmental concerns, it has been foreseen to install photovoltaic panels and wind turbines, so that the stadium will produce more energy than it consumes (positive energy building), and to recover heat and cold energy from a neighbouring water treatment plant, located under the parvis and the Delort stadium.

The restructuration and extension of the Delort stadium, dedicated to rugby, will increase its capacity by creating a 5000 seat covered stand. The new facility will meet the standards required to cover national and international matches and should also host the Marseille Vitrolles Club.

Guided tour of the new Vélodrome Stadium : watch the vidéo